Fascinating Womanhood Week Two

There is in this world no function more important than that of being charming - to shed joy around, to cast light upon dark days, to be the golden thread of our destiny and the very spirit of grace and harmony. Is not this to render a service? - Victor Hugo
Readings for this week: Chapters 4 - 6

Remember your key?

Fascinating Womanhood Key

You own the key to your own happiness!

Your Love Booklet

What loving responses did you get when practicing Fascinating Womanhood principles? Remember to record them. This love booklet is a beautiful thing to do, imagine what you'll have when you look back ten years later! It helps us to be appreciative.

Assignment Two

Highlight the assignment part of the page, copy and paste it into a Word document or email.
Work through the answers.
When you are done, Copy and Paste it into the form below, then click SUBMIT.

Part 1: Accept Him

What are some your husband's virtues?

What are some that annoy you?

If this makes you feel uneasy, throw them away after. Putting them on a list reminds us that this is who they are and we are not perfect ourselves. As we accept a fault, check it off the list.

Think if accepting your husband like having two sides of a valuable gold coin, one part virtues, one part fault. Remember we also have those two parts.

Do you do any of this?

  1. By letting him know his faults get on your nerves and are an imposition.
  2. By pointing out the harm in his faults and the advantage of improvements.
  3. By using other men as shining examples.
  4. By using yourself as an example.
  5. By telling him he needs to improve, to stay on the straight and narrow path.
  6. My letting him know he is missing out on happiness by being like he is.
  7. By letting him know he doesn't measure up to what you deserve.
  8. By reading passages from books, to motivate him to improve.
  9. By suggesting he go on a self-improvement project to remake himself.

Do you do take away his freedom? Check which ones you struggle with.

  1. By demanding he do things your way.
  2. By making threats if he doesn't.
  3. By physical force, such as standing in front of the door when he wants to go out.
  4. By being cool if he won't do things your way.
  5. By dropping hints of what you expect.
  6. By urging him to do things your way.
  7. By making him feel obligated to improve.

Question & Answer

  1. List four reasons why we should not try to change men.
  2. Why do you think women try to change men? List some examples of methods women use.
  3. There are two cases where it is 'acceptable' to change him, list them.
  4. What should you do when you try to change him, in the above two cases?

Part 2: Appreciate Him

Refer to chapter 16 for some ideas.

List your husband's

  • Character traits
  • Intellectual gifts
  • what he does for you:
  • What he has done in the past

Special Note: A special message from the author of Fascinating Womanhood. (abridged version)

Be Subtle: Don't make the change over (when practicing F.W .principles) too obvious. Use a little restraint or you might look like you are play acting.

Men love F.W. but they want it to be a part of you - an unfolding of your true personality. The way to begin is to stop what you used to do, such as wounding his pride, stealing his leadership, making him over, putting your children first. Such a beginning is a wonderful change. Then acquire the other virtues of F.W. a little at a time. Apply with a subtle art, so he will know a change is taking place within you, rather than a new plan you are trying out, to see if it works.

Think of yourself having 'rose-coloured' glasses

These rose-coloured glasses will remind yourself to look for things to appreciate. You may see things others will not.
Special Assignment

Acceptance: After thinking of his better side, say something like this: "I am glad you are the kind of man you are. I can see that I have not understood you in the past and have made many mistakes. But I am glad you have not allowed me to push you around. You have not been like putty in my hands, but have had the courage of your convictions. Will you forgive me for not understanding you and let me prove to you that I'm happy you are the kind of man you are and that I can be a wonderful wife."

Appreciation: Express appreciation in the following:

  • Traits in his character
  • Intellectual gifts
  • What he does for you
  • What he has done in the past

Observe his reaction to the above assignments and write them in your love booklet!

P.s. If there is nothing to record in your love booklet, you are not living F.W. well enough yet, be sincere, keep trying and you will meet with success.
Fascinating Womanhood Chart

Part 3: Admire Him

List things you admire about your husband
Priority of Admiration

Number one to six, the priority you give each

  • Cook delicious meals
  • Keep the house tidy
  • Keep the laundry done
  • Good sex partner
  • Good care of children
  • Appreciate him
  • Admire him
Discover things to admire
Think about him
Spend time during the day thinking about your husband. Put everything else out of your mind and give him at least 15 minutes of your mental time. During this time, think of his masculine qualities and abilities. Most women fail in this respect. They are usually too busy thinking about their housework, children and themselves.
Observe him
Keep your eyes open and you'll notice his masculine abilities in action - when he is building something, repairing equipment or lifting something heavy. The trouble is that when a man does these things a woman is usually looking the other direction or down at her work. Also, arrange to occasionally see your husband at work so you can observe his special skills in his job occupation. If you do this, you will observe things to admire.
Listen to him
Also, keep your ears open and listen to him talk, especially when he talks about his work, his problems, his pains, his plans and his ideals. All of these conversations reveal masculine traits. When he talks is one of the best opportunities you will have to find things to admire. So encourage him to talk about himself, and listen.

What are some new things you have discovered?

Remember: To awaken a man's love, make him feel like a man

Part 4: Make Him Number One

Question & Answer 2

What do women tend to put first?
  1. What do you put first?
  2. What must he put first?
  3. How do you usually welcome your husband when he comes home from work? What is his reaction?

When a man comes home from work is the very moment in his day when he needs to find peace, comfort, quiet and a happy atmosphere. Often this is the time of day when you are in a last minute rush and sometimes tired from the day's chores. However, when you realize the importance of this moment in his life, you can rearrange priorities, plan carefully and make it a pleasant occasion for both of you.

The Fascinating Womanhood's Way to Welcome A Man When He Comes Home From Work.
Which one you already do?

  1. Get your work done
  2. Have dinner ready
  3. Prepare yourself
  4. Clear away the clutter
  5. Prepare the children
  6. Minimize all noise
  7. Be happy to see him
  8. Make him comfortable
  9. Listen to him
  10. Make the evening his

Some Don'ts

Don't greet him with problems or complaints. Solve the problems you can before he gets home and save those you must discuss with him until later in the evening. Also don't complain if he is late for dinner. Count this as a minor problem when compared to what he may have gone through that day. Don't allow the children to rush him with their problems or requests. Allow them to briefly greet their father but save demands for later.

The Goal

Try to make your home a place of peace and order where your husband can renew himself in body and spirit. In addition, apply the principles of Fascinating Womanhood and your husband will want to come home. He will rather be with you than with anyone in the world and will spend whatever time he can possibly spare you. Try living all of these rules for his homecoming and see what happens. This is the way to bring a man home to your side, not by pressure, persuasion or moral obligation.

Read more of "Elegant Wife - How to Welcome A Man When He Comes Home From Work"

Special Assignment:

A. Admiration: During the week, ask your husband to participate in a special project. Ask him to write down ten things he likes about you and you will do the same.

Write things listed here - masculine things you admire about him. Read lists to each other. Do not simply hand the list to each other!

B. Make him number one: Say, "You are the most important person in my life."

C. Make him number one: Make a special project of, 'When A Man Comes Home' as described above.

Observe his reaction to the above assignments and write them down in your Love Booklet.

How To Submit Your Assignment

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All done? Thank you very much, you'll be hearing from me soon.
Thank you for reading this Fascinating Womanhood Week Two!

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