Unwelcome dog

by Put upon
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

We have friends from out of town who stay with us once a month or so while they go to appointments or social events in the city.

Despite the fact that we have made it crystal clear that we don't like dogs, they almost always bring their large collie. At best, we tolerate it.

We have also told them time and again that we will not dog sit, but they persist in leaving the dog with us when it's not allowed wherever they're going.

An occasion is coming up when this will likely occur, even though my husband made a point of calling them a week ahead to say we will not take care of the dog.

The problem is compounded because we are temporarily living in a high-rise (sadly, pets are allowed) while our house is being renovated. By the way, our friends know many people who like dogs and live in houses, both in their home town and in our city.

If they do this again, I fear it will be the end of our friendship, either because we will make it clear that they're unwelcome in the future or because we end up doing something drastic like tying the dog up outside in the cold (44 floors down) or taking it to a boarder.

We are at our wits' end as to how to make these people respect our wishes. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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Feb 13, 2017
Turn off the lights, do not answer the door NEW
by: Anonymous

Put up a big sign NO DOGS ALLOWED

Jul 15, 2013
unwelcome dog equals not true friends NEW
by: Anonymous

Sorry but love me love my dog . My dog(s) are my children and if these "friends" object to my dog then they are not true friends.I would never bring my dogs to any place unless they were clean and flea free , well behaved ,pleasant , and house broken . I don't have children and also find most of them to be ill raised , ill mannered, loud , dirty , and destructive and their parents are oblivious and blind to this deplorable condition so I guess the same would apply...just tie them up outside in all weather or better yet take them to a boarding facility.....
There is usually something wrong with people who don't like dogs , dogs are a good indicator of their true character.

Oct 07, 2010
I'm Terribly Sorry...
by: Dandelion

These people are not behaving like friends.

If they show up at the door with the dog, be polite but firm. "Oh, my, did you bring Fifi? I'm terribly sorry, but we're unable to keep her for you--I know we called and left a message so you could make other arrangements.

Repeat as often as necessary.

Mar 03, 2010
Be Firm And Do What You say.
by: Anonymous

I think you need to show a little temper. Be very firm and say you will leave the dog outside and do it.

Either way, they do not seem to value your friendship, so you'll either lose it by telling them NO or leaving the dog outside.

Mar 03, 2010
Voice of Experience
by: Anonymous

I had the same (slightly different) problem a while ago. I own a private horse farm and have my own - very well behaved - collies. If you simply say "leave it" they will run to the nearest person and lay down. Well, a boarder has a pack of not-so-well-trained dogs that enjoy chasing the horses. I have told them multiple times that I do not allow dogs (especially untrained dogs that drop fleas everywhere, chase the horses, get in dog fights, and snap at the other boarders and my children). Of course, they agree, they understand, they say they'll never bring them back... until the dogs show up again the next time they come to ride their horses.
I'm sorry to say that you're only option after that is to a) put up with it or b) not allow them to come back to your house. I understand the issues with hair as well as simply not being a dog person. If you loose their friendship, don't feel too bad... real friends would not have repeatedly imposed as they did.

Mar 03, 2010
Your Home is Your Home
by: Anonymous

I was completely shocked reading this post. It is obvious your friends come across as selfish and inconsiderate ignoring your wishes and disrespecting you. Your home is your home where you set the rules. Anyone who can not abide to these rules should not enter your home. I am quite convinced Emily Post would say the same thing.

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