Wedding Invitation Assembly Etiquette

along with Wedding Invitation Envelope Etiquette

Simple guidelines to wedding invitation assembly etiquette. Wedding invitation envelope etiquette also sets an orderly and sensible way of doing things. It ensures invitations are sent out elegantly.

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Wedding Invitation Assembly Etiquette And Wedding Invitation Envelope Etiquette set an orderly and sensible way of doing things. It ensures that invitations are sent out as elegantly as possible.

I've summarized the "wedding invitation rules etiquette" referenced by Miss Manners Wedding Etiquette, Emily Post Manners, The Wedding Book just to name the few. Hope this page helps you!

Wedding Invitation Assembly Etiquette

Put Your Best Face Forward

As The Wedding Book puts it, "the goal of assembling invitations is to put your best face forward. "

Get the The Wedding Book: The Big Book for Your Big Day

Wedding Invitation Envelope Etiquette

  • Invitations should be placed in envelopes so that the front faces the back flap.
  • That means that when the person who has been invited will be greeted by the front of the card the moment she opens the envelope.

  • If there is a fold in the invitation, like a christmas card, the fold should be at the bottom of the envelope.
  • The fold is heavier than the open ends, so this ensure that the envelope sits up right better, without being top heavy causing it to fall over more easily.

  • Tissues should be placed on top of the lettering of the invitation.
  • Why?

    This etiquette originated at a time when ink was oil based and took much longer to dry than it does today and the tissue protected the paper from smearing. People liked the the look for it and it became a tradition for formal invitations.

  • The above reasons are so that when a right handed recipient receives it, she should be able to read it the moment she slides the cards out of the envelope.

Wedding Invitation Assembly Etiquette

Enclosure Cards

Wedding Invitation Envelope Etiquette:

The minimum contents any formal wedding invitation are the invitation(s) and the reply card and reply card envelope.

More often than not, one or more of these enclosure cards need to be added. Such as, Maps and directions, Accommodation cards, Transportation cards, Rain cards, Pew cards, Website address, Ceremony cards, At-home cards, Rehearsal dinner, Peripheral events.

  • Enclosure cards are stacked on top of the invitation.
  • Place the largest one next to the invitation and proceed in order of size, with the smallest one on the top.
  • Reply card should be tucked under the flap of the reply envelope, with the card facing the recipient when taken out of the envelope.

  • Wedding Invitation Assembly Etiquette

    Wedding Invitation Envelope Etiquette

    • If using double envelopes, inner envelope will have the guest's name printed on it.
    • The address to which wedding invitation replies are to be directed should be that on the back of the envelope.
    • Envelope should be placed on the side facing the back flap of the main envelope.
    • Do not seal the inner envelope.
    • If you have a band or ribbon wrapping the invitation, place enclosures in the band and the envelopes behind the invitation.
    • Do not forget to provide the postage stamp for the inner envelope!

    Wedding Invitation Assembly Etiquette


    Beware the fat, "unsolicited envelope filled with enclosures" type of wedding invitation!

    Miss Manners Wedding Etiquette says, "Out of a frenzied desire to be helpful or perhaps out of an insane attack of bossiness, these people are mailing you a package of options and orders that is second only to the federal income tax form in its bewildering complexity."

    Try to not to overwhelm your guests with information, nag subtly at them or 'try to tell them what to do'.

    I understand if it is a destination wedding, more information given is often appreciated however, as I recommended in my destination wedding etiquette page, we should send information packages in a separate envelope.

    At the height of elegance, ideally there should not TWO separate cards enclosed in one invitation, for example, a ceremony card enclosed with a reception invitation, or a reception card with a ceremony invitation. This will surely be obvious to the recipient that not all wedding guests were invited to both, which can be seen as insulting, or reflect a certain sort of image on the wedding couple. Note that I only said, "ideally"

    Though in french culture and manners, it has been said that we anglo saxons are too sensitive, and it is not considered rude to invite wedding guests to dessert only if they are not close with the wedding couple.

    That really depends on the general culture of your wedding guests. I'd say as long as you make an effort to be considerate, your elegant personality will shine through.

    Please view all wedding etiquette as guidelines. They are not the law. Have fun and do not freak out over the impossibility to please everyone!

    Thank you for reading "Wedding Invitation Assembly Etiquette"!

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