Why Beauty Matters

Learn why beauty matters and why you should make effort to be beautiful.

" How you look matters. Not in a petty, superficial way, but because how you look reflects how you feel, and how you feel affects how you perform in all areas of your life." - Kathy Phillips "

Don't dolls look cute with their hair in rollers? Barbie does the beauty shop routine.
Barbie puts in effort

How do you feel about your looks?

Being and feeling beautiful matters. Though not everyone is a born beauty, as Vogue Beauty says, with effort and intelligence you can be beautiful from the inside out.

My personal story

I'll be the first to admit that I don't feel positive about my looks all the time. It's not that I feel ugly, but I just don't feel ...beautiful, or rather, I did not feel that I looked my best.

There are days, weeks or months even when I do the minimal beauty maintenance with regards to personal grooming and dressing elegantly.

Do I feel great? Not really, I feel ...o-k-a-y.

I didn't quite like looking at the photos of myself taken by friends at weddings, parties, dinners etc.

Then something happened, it was as though God renewed my youth.

He fills my life with good things, He renews my youth like the eagles - Psalms 103:5

I switched my skincare range, started dancing (and become fitter and more shapely as a result), learning about music and of course, reading good books - and ...I'm almost embarrassed to say this, but it was as though I grew more beautiful (sounds impossible I know) over a short period!

I attributed that to being beautiful because of the way I feel.

Smiling Baby

But my point is, everyone's journey to feeling beautiful is different. But the lesson here is that - we must make the effort to, because it affects you and the people around you!

What kind of woman do you want to be?

Beholding beauty is the path of elegance

Outer beauty may be superficial to some. But do you know that elegance is birthed out of beholding beauty? This refers to beauty in all forms, the quaint Tuscan countryside, a rose, a sculpture, a symphony....

adrey hepburn with short hair

In order to be more beautiful or to grow in elegance and beauty, one needs to be inspired by beauty.

Learn it, recognize it, appreciate it, behold it.

There are days where beauty is not on my mind. As long as I look presentable, right? But then, I've realized, in my own way, putting the effort has more rewards. You feel better, you smile more confidently because you know you look good...plus you give the people around you, especially the men, something to smile about! You can't feel more like a woman when the men appreciate your beauty. :)

There are many ways to 'be inspired to look better'. Remember we are not looking for perfection here, but think of a way to enjoy the process.

How to Be Inspired for Beauty

  • Flipping through current fashion magazines

  • Browsing the stores to see what's new every now and then

  • Check out what elegant celebrities are wearing (*use this method with caution!)

  • Hang out with well-groomed folks

  • Watch movies! (They've all got expert wardrobe stylists working on set).

  • I use all the above methods, but what works best for me is a few very beautiful friends that I meet from time to time. I wouldn't say they are born naturally more beautiful but they've got the taste and a higher standard for personal beauty and grooming than most people. (I'm also not talking about the looks-obsessed types.) They're more into beauty and fashion than I, so I'll ask them for tips.

    I find YouTube very helpful too, especially when I feel I need to change my make up style once in a while in order not to look dated.

    These people and things inspires me to take a better care of myself and to at least be aware of current fashion trends. I also like injecting a few 'trendy' pieces to jazz up my classic wardrobe. I need change once in a while, even though I may be bordering off the 'elegant side'.

    We need that element of surprise and pop of change. Boredom kills inner and outer beauty!

    Recommended Reading

    Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist

    Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro

    Thank you for reading 'Why Beauty Matters'!

    Read also How You Dress.

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