Online French Class

Welcome to a mini 'Online French Class'. More tools to help you get started learning French (if you wish) below.

The French language, undoubtedly is the language of polite society.

Online French Class

Languages Add Sophistication

In my page How To Be Classy - Classically Elegant, the 15th layer of "class" (the more layers, the classier a woman will be), I wrote about how a good command of language HELPS.

Now, I know languages are not everybody's thing, and we'll never have a perfect command.

(I would know, I get all these English language elitists criticize me of my free-style English writing style! LOL)

But, having a basic grammar command, correct spelling, plus reading at least 50% of the BBC reading list will add to your knowledge, your sophistication, your mind, your social confidence!

Reading is a good thing. It broadens your mind and helps you learn about other cultures.

It will increase your tolerance for differences, which is a classy thing.

Speaking and writing well is an elegant characteristic. So let's make an effort to master our primary language, or first language.

Here are some language tips and help!

Online French Class

English Language

Gosh, I'm looking forward to brushing this up!

  • Grammar for Beginners

  • Beginner Lesson Plans for English Learners

  • Common mistakes in English

    Online French Class

    My Favorite Websites For Learning French

    I attended Alliance Francaise (school for learning french) and I STILL needed extra help. Thankfully, there is a lot of outside help, such as these websites. I've also bought several books, CDs, and DVDs (see below).

    Every bit helps!

    Copy and paste these links in your internet browser.







  • Podcasts learning (but not free though):

    And if you need a translator:

  • Translator:

    Free French Lessons online

    Remember, do not try to do it all at once. Pick one link and slowly navigate from there.

    French is one of the hardest language to learn! It is very beautiful though.

    General learning directory:


    Learn by Listening:

  • Listen to French

    Learn by watching Videos


  • Perfect your pronunciation

    Thank you for reading page !

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    "A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart."

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