Who is the Elegant Woman?

The Art Of Elegant Living

An elegant life - You first have to choose.

How do we live an elegant lifestyle?

In my opinion, it is one which is uncluttered, simple yet splattered with meaning, love, family and friends selective passionate hobbies.

Audrey Hepburn led an elegant life
What makes you smile? Finding the pleasures of a simple life.

It is a life where one is not in a rush or in a fluster. She may be occupied, but not busy. She'll have time for her family and leisure but not too much time to the point of boredom.

She finds meaning in her work and she does not dread her feet.

She is patient and kind, and doesn't draw attention to herself. See 'How to be a Lady'

One may wonder, "How does she have it all put together?"

It boils down to one simple principle: careful selection. Read this article on how to be elegant without money.

First of all, some self-reflection is necessary.

Think about what is the MOST important to you in life and ensure your daily choices reflect that. That means making tough choices sometimes.

For instance, if you wanted to spend more time with your children, opt for the lesser paid job which allows you to work from home.

If you decide that you no longer wanted to be in a toxic relationship, minimize the time spent with that person and slowly withdraw yourself.

Coco Chanel said, "Elegance is refusal."

With this "framework" in mind, we eliminate choices that are not meant to be and we'll no longer compromise on our priorities.

Audrey Hepburn led an elegant life
Time with family - one of the best investments of your time

There are some general principles of an elegant life you can follow:

  1. Choose quality, the best that you can afford.
  2. Learn to assess value of the item. Once you can do so, you can pick out good quality for less. Leave all the cheaply poorly made stuff behind.
  3. Minimize stuff. Have only one of everything. Do not buy anything until you have completely exhausted its use.

  4. Keep your house in order.

  5. Do not overload your schedule

  6. Do things that make you happy.

  7. Be selective of the activities and hobbies you pursue. Limit them to less than five.

  8. Don't pay too much attention to fashion. Develop your own style.

  9. Learn to enjoy the simplest most authentic pleasures in life: a good book, cuisine made from the freshest ingredients, riding a bike.

  10. Choose your friends wisely. Look for friends with similar values.

  11. Go to church and grow spiritually. It does wonders for your heart.

  12. Learn something new. Take an online class. A new language, a skill. Pursue that nagging interest.

  13. Take up ballet or ballroom dancing. It does wonders for your posture.

  14. Travel. Traveling opens up mindsets and exposes us to culture where we can learn a thing or two.

  15. Keep your finances healthy. The art of good stewardship.

  16. Appreciate the arts. Learn to see the beauty in the world around you. In children's art, in plays, musicals etc.

  17. Throw a party! If you are intimidated, throw a small dinner party for five.

  18. Some tips on Elegant Entertaining

  19. You don't need to know everything, just pick a few subjects you love and passionately pursue a deeper knowledge of it

  20. Cultivate a relationship with yourself. Spend some me-time. Always seek self-knowledge. It is easy to get lost especially when we wear many hats.

  21. So there in lies the art of refinement. Despite the greater understanding and knowledge we obtain, we still have to make a conscious effort to simplify and weed out the unnecessary.

    A refined person works on herself as God works like an artist. Slowly, surely day by day, loving the creation He has made and having a vision of the final completion ... His masterpiece. You.

To an elegant life!

Thank you for reading 'An Elegant Life'!

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