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How to Do Your Make Up Elegantly

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Make up is a kind of clothing for the face.

Beauty Make Up Tips: Elegant Day Make up

beauty make up
Day make up on Jessica Alba

An excellent beauty tutorial that's easy to do.

Five Minute School Make up: How To Do Your Make Up

Even though the tutorial is for "school", I prefer to call it day make up. An elegant day make up is the type of make up thats focused on looking natural and radiant. Keep it light (looking), focusing on your best features, without looking like you're going to Studio 54 (clubbing).

Elegant make Up Tip: The Eyes Should Only Be 'Made' Up in the evening

That does not mean that you DON'T wear any eye make up during the day.

It's just that wearing dramatic false eye lashes and blue eye lids do not go very well in the sun.

The point here is to achieve the 'no-makeup' make up look. You might play with neutral tones, nude brown, nude pinks and lots and lots of blending. These neutral shades can contour and highlight your face.

If you are having your photo taken that day, you could tone down on the mascara, or wear natural looking eye lashes (if you need them), otherwise, brown or grey eyeliner and mascara seems perfect.

elegant beauty make up tips
Keira Knightly's evening look

Beauty Make Up Tip: Elegant Evening Make Up

You can afford to be dramatic here. However, dramatic does not mean over the top; OTT

For elegant evening make up, professional make up artists usually pick an area where they'll like to 'focus', for instance eyes, are usually common.

You could have the 'smokey eyes', Chanel red lips, or a sunkissed look by sporting bronzer instead of a natural blush.

Elegant Make up Guide

More beauty make up tips for you:

  • If you are very young, go for the no-makeup make up look. You probably look better with natural looking lips or glossy lips.

  • In the day, it is in bad taste to wear bright blue or green eye shadow and sporting too much 'sparkles' such as gold and silver.

  • Don't neglect your brows. If you can, see a brow specialist and get recommendations on which type of browshape best frames your face and eyes.

  • If in doubt, go for a natural look. Don't make the mistake of making it too dark when you line your brows.
  • Your lipstick colour should not clash with your outfit. Do a check!

  • Elegant lipstick colours: nudes, reds, pinks, orange pinks. No blues, greens, whites ...

  • Use lip gloss only if you're below 40.

  • Colour Chart For Lipstick

  • Light pink lipsticks go well with all blue and violet tones.

  • Orange-red lipsticks are prettier with beiges and yellows.

  • If you wear a red ensemble, ideally your lipstick should be exactly the same shade of red.

  • If you are tanned, you probably don't need too much make up, except for a clear bright lipstick. You can choose to focus on your eyes, by drawing a thin line around your eyes with eyeliner.

  • When To Throw Away your Make up

    Here is a beauty make up tip for you:

    Good skin is better than layering the face with make up. To establish good skin, we need a skin cleansing regime (find one that works for you because everybody is different) and to make sure our make up collection is hygenic!

    Women are medically proven to carry more bacteria than men, even though we tend to believe we are the cleaner type. Why? Because of make up! We touch our face, our phones touch our faces too. Then the make up we get on our hands and phones transports bacteria to our purse contents.

    So when should you throw away your make up?

    1. Coverup/Concealer - 2-3 months

    2. Coverup/Concealer Sponges - Clean every week or get disposable ones

    3. Lip Gloss/Stick - 6-8 months

    4. Eye Shadows - 4-6 months

    5. Blush - 3-6 months

    6. Mascara - 3 months

    7. Brushes - Clean every two weeks to make sure you are not applying bacteria on your face.

    See Page Two of Beauty Make Up Tips

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