Elegant Hairstyles Secrets

Want to know the secrets styling of elegant hair? Looking for an elegant hairstyle to go with your elegant gown?

I like to try different elegant hairstyles to jazz up an elegant formal evening and surprise my husband. I've recently come across a couple of new ideas to wear my hair elegantly and I thought, why not post my 'collection' here!

Most of these elegant hairstyles and hair styling secrets are from Realbeauty.com

When Colouring Your Hair

When coloring your hair, never lighten or darken your hair more than two shades at a time.

Sorry...I actually can't remember where I read this from.

The idea is to refrain from looking too artificial. I guess if you go from dark to blonde, just remember to fit in regular trips to your hair stylist to fix your roots.

Elegant No-Brainer Hair

A half up, half down do is almost good for any day, any dress and will suit any face shape or hair type!

elegant hairstyles
Photo credit: image source/corbis via realbeauty.com

See also Sophisticated hairstyles.

For Voluminous, Elegant Hair

If you hair has no volume no matter what you do, it's probably time to visit your hairstylist! It might be too heavy.

Another alternative is to get non permanent extensions. That way you hair won't be stressed out carrying all that weight.

I love them! They are so easy to use and the you can create effortless volume in your hair in a matter of seconds. This is one of my greatest elegant hair secrets. I sometimes clip in the extensions to make a bigger and more textured bun.

elegant hairstyles bun misha barton

Elegant, Loose Bun For Casual Days

A bun is always beautiful but might be too severe for a casual evening. Have you thought about a low, loose bun at the side?

Add in some fresh flowers if it is appropriate.

Elegant Hairstyle, The Vintage Wave

Create vintage waves. Curl 1-inch sections of hair with a curling iron, then roll them in a forward direction; pull out the curls using a round brush and a blow-dryer. See more on Marie Claire.

elegant old hollywood hairstyle
Picture from Harper's Bazaar

From realbeauty.com

For '40s-inspired waves...

Hold a 1-inch curling iron horizontal (so it's parallel to the floor) and wrap 2- to 3-inch sections of hair around it. Secure each curl against your head with a metal "duck bill" clip to set it in place. Once you're finished and your hair is cool, mist your whole head with a strong-hold hairspray, remove the clips, and lightly brush out the waves. Finish off with another spritz of hairspray.

I've yet to master this completely but I still get a pretty and elegant effect on my hair. I'll just use a bit of hairstyle to smooth it if it comes out a little unruly. It looks effortlessly casually elegant and chic.

I found this one on one of the hairstyle blogs and maybe this will help me improve my technique.

how to do the finger wave

See Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles.

Casually Elegant Wavy Hair

I probably look like this every night before I sleep though not as happy. Haha.

How to do elegant waves on your hair
Photo from http://www.realbeauty.com/hair/styles/hair-secrets

To get DIY sexy waves...

Apply a lightweight styling cream to damp hair. Next, wrap sections of hair around medium and large rollers. This will give you more natural results. Once your hair is dry, remove the rollers and gently run a brush through the waves. Use a large curling iron, 1 1/2 to 2 inches, on random pieces for added definition. Mist on hairspray for hold.

Elegant Waves Hair Styles

Thank you for reading 'Elegant Hairstyles Secrets'!

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